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Here’s How to Get Proper Pet Grooming And Nail Care In Novato


One of the most important aspects of grooming your pet is proper care of their nails. Long toenails can sometimes cause foot deformities. They also make it difficult for your pet to walk. It’s important to keep them short and well-trimmed so they don’t cause harm to themselves or others. The professionals at Bridewell Hilltop Kennels in Novato specialize in keeping your pet’s nails at a healthy length.

How Often Should You Trim Your Pet’s Nails

To determine how often you should trim or file your pet’s nails, observe how quickly they grow. Many pet grooming companies in Novato recommend every two to three weeks. Some may go a little longer. This will depend on their diet and how much time they spend outside. Walking on rocks and concrete can actually help to keep the nails short, but will not prevent the need to have them trimmed.

The Dangers of Long Nails

Allowing your pet’s nails to grow can lead to several problems. Not only can their feet start to develop abnormalities, it can also cause them to change the way they walk. This puts stress on the joints of the leg and can eventually cause pain and discomfort. Long, untrimmed nails can become extremely sharp, causing your pet to scratch themselves or others, while leaving long marks and sometimes breaking the skin. Contact a pet grooming company in Novato, like Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, for more information on nail care.

The Benefits of Using A Groomer

Using a knowledgeable pet groomer in Novato will make trimming your pet’s nails a breeze. The most important thing to remember about grooming your pet’s nails is to not damage the sensitive “quick” that lies inside. If you keep your pet’s nails short, the quick will remain short as well. If you allow the nails to grow long, the quick will continue to grow as well, making it more difficult to trim your pet’s nails effectively. Accidently trimming a portion of the quick can cause the nail to bleed. To prevent this type of pain and discomfort, leave the nail trimming to the professionals.

Need a Pet Grooming Company in Novato?

At Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, taking care of your pet’s nails is a priority. The staff in Novato is equipped with tools and equipment to keep nails neat and trim without damaging the quick or making your pet uncomfortable. Not only can they keep your pet calm, they are able to create a bond of trust that allows your pet to feel at ease. Call and schedule an appointment for all your pet grooming needs today!