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Tips for Preventing Pet Hair Matting from Our Leading Novato Pet Grooming Professionals


Matted hair can be very difficult for your pet to manage, and so it’s important that you have a clear understanding of how to prevent pet hair matting. Our Novato Pet Grooming team has many years’ experience in care for pets and their hair, and we are offering this guide to preventing pet hair matting.

  • Use a Comb, not a Brush

One of the most important steps you can take when removing mats in your dog’s hair is to use a comb. Compared with a brush, a comb can help you take care of the hair all the way to the base of the individual hair. To lessen the pulling of the skin when combing, use a comb with a slick brush, and a picking motion rather than a pulling motion. Then hold the matt at the base as you try to reduce the animal’s discomfort.

  • Don’t React If Your Pet Lashes Out

Our Novato team highlight that it’s important that you remain calm during the pet grooming process. If you respond to you dog lashing out or their whimpering, they will sense that they are going to continue to experience pain and they will be likely to have the same reaction in the future when you take on the pet grooming process in your Novato home. Try to stay calm and focused and ensure that you don’t add to your pet’s nerves.

  • Some Matts Should Be Clipped

If the matt in your dog’s hair has become dreadlocked and has been there over a period of time, you might consider cutting the hair out with scissors. This is often the best way to avoid inflicting pain and spending more hours combing the matt out.

Our team at Bridewell Hilltop has decades of experience in the Novato Pet Grooming industry. To learn more about our work and our tips for removing mats in your pet’s hair, call us today!