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Should You Buy a Dog or Should You Adopt: Pros and Cons

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. A dog is the only creature that will love you unconditionally. A dog’s love is pure. If you have never had a dog in your life, you’re missing out and must seriously consider bringing one home. You can either adopt a dog or buy one from a pet shop. When choosing between the two options, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each option to decide what is better for you. Here we discuss several differences between adopting a dog versus buying one, from the opinion of a San Rafael boarding kennel.

Pros of Adopting a Dog

  • You Will Save a Life : Rescues around the country are facing space and budget crunches. In order to ensure that they are able to accept new rescues, shelters grappling with space issues are forced to put down dogs that have been in the shelter for a long time. When you add a dog to your pack, you are not just giving the pooch a forever home, but are also potentially saving its life.
  • You Can Observe the Behavior of the Rescue : If you already have pets or kids at home, adopting a dog may be an ideal option for you. Rescues allow people who are interested in adopting a dog to interact with the animal. You can take the canine on a walk to observe how it behaves with other people and animals. Based on your observations, you can decide whether the dog is right for your family.
  • Rescues are Spayed/Neutered : Many rescues spay/neuter their dogs before handing them over to their new owners. This can help in saving costs on vet care to a considerable extent. Additionally, many rescues microchip their dogs should they ever get lost.

Cons of Adopting a Dog

  • You Will Be in the Dark About the Pooch’s History: Though some shelters provide information about their dogs’ history, most don’t. Many dogs are surrendered to rescue centers or are rescued from the streets. Such dogs often show food aggression and may require behavioral training before being introduced into a family.
  • Many Old Dogs Have Health Issues: Old dogs who have had a rough life may have health issues. Caring for an old dog with a health problem involves commitment. Before bringing a dog home, go through its health records (maintained by the rescue shelter).

Pros of Buying a Dog

  • You Will Get Official Papers for the Puppy” A registered breeder will provide you official papers with important info such as the dog’s breed and its family history.
  • You Will Know the Exact Breed: When adopting a rescue, you might not know the exact breed. This should not be a problem when buying a dog, as your breeder will provide necessary information and papers to validate their claims.
  • You Will be Able to Meet Your Dog’s Parents: You can determine whether a dog is right for your family by observing the behavior of its parents.

Cons of Buying a Dog

  • High Costs:  breeder can charge thousands of dollars for a dog, which may put a sizeable dent in any family’s budget.

When you bring a dog home, you make a promise to love it and care for it throughout its life. At Bridewell Hilltop, we are committed to helping you keep your promise. We are a leading dog boarding kennel in San Rafael. Our kennels are designed to make our guests feel at home. To schedule an appointment, call us at (415) 897-5471.