3 Tips for Choosing the Right Kennel for Your Pet

Oftentimes, when leaving for another city or state for work or vacation, many pet owners feel guilty about leaving their furry friend’s home alone.  Many pet parents ask their friends and family to look after their four-legged friends while they’re away but often friends and family don’t have the extra capacity to take on the burden of watching your animal.

You do not have to carry the guilt of leaving your dog home alone or in an unreliable person’s care every time you go out of town or city. The next time you plan to travel to another city or town, put your furry friend in a multi-day dog kennel in San Rafael before leaving for your destination.

Kennels provide ample physical and mental stimulation for their guests. Dogs in a kennel get opportunities to interact with each other and learn from each other’s behavior. They learn new skills and work on the existing ones.

Not all kennels are created equal. Some may not have even basic facilities for their guests. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to find the right facility with loads of amenities and skilled and caring staff that enjoy pampering their guests.

Here are some tips to find the best dog kennel for your four-legged friend.

Talk to Friends and Family

Talk to friends and family members who have recently used a kennel service. Ask them about their experience with the provider. Some questions to ask them are

  • How was your pooch’s experience?
  • Was the staff well behaved, helpful and professional?
  • What services did they offer?
  • Did the provider communicate effectively?
  • Will you use them in the future?

Visit Facilities

Many dog kennels make tall claims but fail to deliver on their promises. Do not take everything a dog kennel claims on face value. Before using a dog kennel, visit it to verify the provider’s claims.

Here are some things to check when visiting a dog kennel

  • Facility and staff cleanliness
  • Kennel interiors-should have a play area
  • The enclosures-should be spacious enough for dogs to move around
  • Dog segregation- how dogs are grouped or separated

During a visit, notice how your dog behaves. Is it comfortable around the staff or does it look anxious or scared? Check the facility’s staff-to-dog ratio. Ask them about their toy and treat policies.

Research Kennels Online

Before finalizing a kennel, do your homework. Research the kennel you are considering online. Visit trusted third party review sites to check the business’s ratings. Check the kennel’s social media accounts to see what people are talking about the business.

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