Our smaller dogs will love playing together in a European-style group away from our big dogs. Our pamper rooms offer an outdoor arena, which your pet can access all day long. The rooms are located right off our front office.


For guests that are shy or don’t like to socialize, we offer the Juniors Corner in the Big Kennel. Here they can run to their heart’s content in our indoor/outdoor runs.


For the large- and medium-size dogs, we have the Big Kennel and the Cottage. In the Big Kennel the runs are indoor/outdoor. The outside run portion measures about 18′ x5′ and the inside run measures about 5′ x5′. The dogs in the Big Kennel get rotated out into the large play yards during the day where they receive maximum exercise.
The Cottage runs are like the Pamper Rooms but accommodate larger breeds. We may have 3 to 4 dogs in a group setting staying together in the Cottage.

We provide blankets and bowls. No need to bring yours from home!
We launder all bedding each and every day!
Complimentary bath on the day of departure with a paid 7-day stay!


Our geriatric ward is located right next to the front desk and offers a warm, quiet, and cozy spot for your pet. We take your pet outside to play in a small private yard 3 times a day.


Our warm and cozy cattery is located in a separate building on the property. Our guests will relax to soft music playing for them all day and all night.

Your cat will enjoy a 4′ x 5′ x 4′ caged area with a comfy cat house, blankets, food, water, and litter box. Our professional staff visits your cat several times a day and performs a walk-through at night to make sure they are comfortable and happy.