When you combine the high quality of our dog kennel and cattery boarding facility in Novato with a dedicated and professional staff, you will discover a pet care center that is second to none.

While our Marin County dog and cat boarding kennels are roomy and comfortable, we limit the time your dog spends there to feeding, digesting, much-needed downtime and sleeping. Our goal is to make your pet extremely comfortable, adding homey touches wherever possible while allowing them as much fun and free time as possible without wearing them down.

Our nightly turndown service includes a freshly cleaned and filled stainless-steel water bowl and special toys and treats arranged on bedding that has been laundered during the day.

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Our feline friends enjoy comfortable, individual homes that provide safety, privacy, and plenty of opportunities to watch what's happening or enjoy a catnap in a secluded nook.


We are proud to offer boarding for birds and small animals, including guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits. We do not board reptiles.


Imagine your dog being surrounded by other doggy friends, romping and rolling all day instead of sitting home bored and lonely while you're out for the day. Doggy daycare is a great service for pet owners who work long hours. Your pet will get more exercise and supervision than they get at home alone and will learn socialization skills at the same time.
Dogs that join us for doggie daycare enjoy spacious indoor/outdoor supervised group play areas. At our facilities, dogs are separated according to size, temperament, and activity level.

Bridewell does not pick up or drop off dog daycare pets. Our clients can make arrangements to drop off their pets early or pick up their pets late. We usually prefer that your pet stay for a couple of visits first or that we speak at length with you before allowing this privilege.


Bridewell's pet groomers are committed to providing top-quality pet grooming services to our customers in Novato, San Rafael and all of Marin County. We offer a wide range of pet grooming services for dogs and are able to handle all breeds and types of grooms. Nail trimming and ear cleaning are included.

Free Bath After 7-Day Stay

We use a great-smelling shampoo. Our Hydrosurge bathing machine allows us to give your pet a nice warm, pulsating, massaging-type of bath. Most dogs absolutely love it. We also have an oatmeal shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. Our baths include cleaning ears and clipping nails.

Though we do not offer professional grooming for cats, we will bathe and brush your cat. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.


We offer a complementary bath on the day of departure with a paid 7-day stay or longer.



We offer several activities here at Bridewell for your pet. If your dog gets along well with others, ask us about our supervised playgroups. Your dog can romp and play with a few buddies all under the watchful eye of trained staff members. This is especially popular for puppies who need to burn off some extra energy. There is no charge for playgroups. For those dogs that need a little more exercise or those that want a little down time, we offer both short walks (25 minutes) or long walks (40 minutes) for an additional fee. Is your pup the type that loves to fetch? Sign him up for a ball throw — a surefire way for exercise and fun. There is an additional cost for ball throws.


Don't let your dog miss out on daily exercise while you are away. Fresh air and scenic views are to be enjoyed on a 25-minute nature walk or a 40-minute nature walk.


During this 20 minutes of one-on-one time with a handler, your beloved pet will receive the extra attention they might be craving. We throw…they fetch!