4 Tips to Finding the Right Pet Boarding Facility

Most dog owners dread the very idea of boarding their dogs; however, there is nothing to worry about! A kennel stay, these days, is more of a camp-like experience for your pooch, with swimming pools, televisions, and comfortable beds among many other pet-friendly amenities. In fact, with the right preparation, your dog may be as excited about his vacation as much as you are about yours. So, how do you find the best pet boarding in San Rafael? Listed below are a few tips that will help you ensure that your dog has a happy, healthy, and comfortable stay at the facility you pick.

  1. Go visit the facility – One of the best ways to find the right boarding facility for your dog is to physically go and visit it. This is an easy way to be able to eliminate the unprofessional and dirty facilities. As a pet owner, you will know within merely a few minutes if the atmosphere at the facility is clean and safe for your dog.
  2. Check if a veterinarian is on call at the facility – You must also enquire if the facility you intend to pick has a vet on call. Most reputed boarding facilities have a good working relationship with the local vet office. This is an important factor to consider as it will give you peace of mind, that if your dog falls sick in your absence, he will be taken good care of. You may also be able to request the facility to contact your pet’s veterinarian.
  3. Ask about special services – When boarding your pet, whether it is for a long or a short duration, it is important that you ask about the special services that the facility offers. Some facilities have swimming pools, supervised play time with other dogs, and even spa treatments that you may consider in order to give your four-legged friend a special treat!
  4. Find out about health requirements – Aside from special services and pricing, also be sure to check what routine vaccinations are required for the dogs at the facility. This ensures you that your dog will be mixing with healthy and vaccinated dogs, and will not catch any kind of ailments during his stay at the boarding kennel.

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