4 Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Boarding For Your Pooch

Dogs are social animals. They love spending time with their human parents and may feel sad or stressed when left home alone.

If you often leave your four-legged friend alone at home and are worried that it may become lonely or develop behavior problems, drop them off at a dog kennel near you the next time you leave for work or vacation.

All dog boarding facilities are not created equal. Some lack essentials such as clean drinking water and a recreational area.

Instead of taking everything that dog boarding facilities claim on face value, follow these tips to choose the right dog boarding kennel for your furry friend.

Research Dog Boarding Facilities Online    

Visit the websites of local dog boarding facilities to check what they have to offer. Go to their services page to find out the types of services they offer. Scan their social media profiles and read customer testimonials to check what people are talking about them.

Check boarding facilities with the BBB. Visit independent, unbiased and reliable third party review websites and read reviews posted on them by real people. Look for a facility with a healthy positive to negative reviews ratio.

Talk to Family and Friends

Ask people you trust to recommend a dog daycare center. If a family member or friend sent their pooch to a dog boarding facility recently, ask them these questions

  • Did your furry friend enjoy its stay?
  • What amenities did the facility have?
  • Was the staff knowledgeable? Did the team consist of dog behaviorists?
  • Did the staff accommodate any special needs of your furry friend?
  • How big were the kennels? Were they maintained properly?
  • How likely are you to use the service in the future?

Consult Your Vet

Your vet knows your pooch as well as you do. They know its personality traits and can help you find a daycare center that can accommodate your dog’s any special needs.

A vet interacts with several pet parents every day, and knows everything there is to know about local dog daycare facilities. If you are confused between two equally good options, your vet can help you evaluate them paving the way for better decision making.

Take a Tour of Pet Boarding Centers

Once you have narrowed down your list of dog boarding facilities, visit them. Here are some things to do during a kennel visit.

  • Inspect Kennels: Check kennels for cleanliness and if they’re properly lit and well ventilated. If the surroundings stink of poop and urine, walk away
  • Notice the behavior of dogs in enclosures: Do they look comfortable? Is there enough space for them to play around?
  • Talk to the staff: Talk to the staff to evaluate their knowledge and skills. Are they polite and eager to answer your questions? Do they have the training required to handle medical emergencies and behavioral issues?

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