5 Dog Boarding Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

Looking online for a dog boarding near me is something most pet owners do when they cannot take their pets with them on their travel. So, if you are going out of town for business or leisure, finding the right dog boarding is essential. At the same time, you also need to take care of a few other things that will make sure that you and your pet are prepared.

Here are a few things that every pet owner must know when they are thinking of using a kennel to board their pets.

  1. Ensure Your Dog is Vaccinated

A dog boarding facility will not accept your pooch if their vaccinations are not up to date. So, make sure you consult your vet and find out if any vaccination is due for your dog. Get the vet to enter the details into your dog’s veterinary records and bring a copy with you when you go to the kennel.

  1. Take Time to Fill Out the Kennel Forms

When you are leaving your dog at any kennel, make sure that you fill out all the paperwork. Do leave your contact details with the kennel so that they can contact you if there is a problem with your dog. Also, leave behind your veterinarian’s number for emergencies. Find out the kennel’s procedure to handle emergencies.

  1. Take Your Dog’s Favorite Items to the Kennel

Remember, your dog may be afraid and anxious when they are first separated from you, and are also away from familiar surroundings. Bring your dog’s favorite toy and blanket so that they have something familiar in a new place. Do check with the kennel if they allow these items. Otherwise, you may have to do another online search for a dog boarding near me.

  1. Make Sure the Kennel Does Not Change Your Pooch’s Diet

Ensure you bring adequate food for your dog to the boarding so that there is no change in the dog’s diet. The last thing you need is your dog suffering from digestive issues due to a change in diet. Leave proper instructions in writing how the kennel should feed your dog, especially if your pet is on a special diet.

  1. Do Not Show Emotions When Leaving Your Dog in the Kennel

When you are leaving your dog behind, do not make a big deal about it. Remember, your pooch will be upset about being left in a kennel; by making a fuss, you will only make matters worse. Stay calm and be happy while wishing your dog goodbye. This will allow your pet to relax in during their time at the kennel.

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