5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Dog Active

Your dog is more than just your pet. They are a part of your pack – a friend that will stand by you through thick and thin. Like humans, dogs have some basic needs, including being active. From weight management to better overall health, there are many benefits of an active lifestyle for dogs.

Here are some compelling reasons to keep your furry friend active from a Bridewell Hilltop Kennels.

Maintain Mobility

Giant dog breeds such as the Akita, Malamute, German Shepherd, and Anatolian Shepherd are at high risk of developing joint problems such as hip dyslexia and arthritis that can impact their mobility.

Without regular exercise, your pooch can end up with a problem that can lead to joint pain.Keeping your dog active is a great way to ensure their joints and muscles stay flexible and retain strength.

Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Furry Friend

Your furry friend sees you as their pack leader. Neglecting a regular routine of exercise can be detrimental to their behavior. During plays and activities, your furry friend learns new skills. They learn to pay attention and respond to commands. Dogs who do not get enough exercise often become lazy or lack motivation.

Promote Socialization 

Dogs are social animals. They are well adapted to living in groups and love interacting with people and other animals around them. When you exercise, and socialize, your dog they are more confident, have less fear and anxiety, and are well behaved.

During walks, your dog gets multiple opportunities to interact with other dogs and people. It learns by watching other dogs and gains an in-depth understanding of good behavior and bad behavior.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Inactive dogs can quickly pile on the pounds. Obese dogs are at a high risk of metabolic, endocrine, and respiratory disorders. In overweight dogs, the joints degenerate at a faster rate than healthy dogs.

Different breeds need different amounts of exercise. Determine how much exercise your dog needs. Make sure your dog gets the right amount of exercise for its breed every day. Do not push your furry friend’s limits. Remember, too much exercise is as detrimental as no or little exercise.

Relieve Boredom

Boredom can lead to behavioral problems including excessive barking, growling, and whining. Every dog is a bundle of energy. When a dog does not get enough mental and physical stimulation, it starts engaging in destructive behavior such as chewing, digging, or shredding to release its pent-up energy.

A tired dog is a happy dog. Exercise provides mental and physical stimulation. Ensuring that your dog exercises regularly is a great way to provide an outlet for their energy.

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