6 Things to Consider When Looking For a Boarding Facility

Are you planning a vacation or business trip and need someone to take care of your furry friend? Or perhaps you have a busy schedule and can’t provide the attention your pet needs during the day?

Whatever the reason may be, finding a reliable and suitable boarding facility for your beloved companion can be a daunting task. With so many options available, how do you know which one is the right fit for your pet?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will discuss six important factors to consider when looking for a boarding facility.

Number of Employees

Make sure the dog daycare facility you are considering has sufficient staff to observe dogs. Daycare facility staff must step in without delay if there’s any conflict or disagreement among dogs. Ask if the facility has a dog behaviorist who knows how and when to intervene to keep dog play from getting too rough on-site.


What safety measures does the facility take to ensure dogs can’t escape? Are there double gates, tall and secure fencing, or other features designed to ensure dogs’ safety? Are collars or tags kept on dogs or removed to prevent possible injuries and entanglement? Are there security cameras installed throughout the facility? Also, make sure the facility has an emergency evacuation plan that focuses on evacuating the guests swiftly and safely in an emergency such as a fire or natural disaster.


Visit the boarding kennel in San Rafael you are considering to assess cleanliness. You don’t want to board your dog in a facility that doesn’t clean kennels between occupants, as your dog might contract a bacterial or viral infection from a previous occupant. If urine or feces odor lingers, it may be a sign that dogs are not let out often enough to “do their business.”

Emergency Preparedness

Ask if there’s a veterinarian on site to attend to dogs that may fall ill or require emergency treatment during their stay. If not, what measures has the facility implemented to ensure sick or injured dogs get immediate medical attention?

Additional Amenities

Some dog daycare facilities allow pet parents to get on video calls with their furry friends, while others offer pet grooming services. Before boarding your pooch, consider its and your needs to decide if you should opt for a regular package or a package that includes additional services. You may need to pay extra for these services.

Exercise and Play Schedule

Ask how frequently and at what times of day dogs are taken out of their kennels.

Are dogs required to undergo a temperament assessment before they are permitted to join a playgroup? If your dog isn’t used to a dog-park-style play environment, can you request one-on-one playtime with a staff member?

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