Amazing Ways to Prevent Obesity in Pets

Preventing your pooch from becoming obese is easier than trying to take off the excess pounds once it is there! In order to prevent your dog from becoming overweight, it is important that you feed him according to his age and activity level. According to experts at dog grooming in San Rafael, younger dogs may need more calories per pound of their body weight as compared to older dogs whose body metabolism may have slowed. Therefore, in order to maintain optimum weight in your dogs, you need to:

Know the Ideal Weight: This is a very important consideration for every pet owner. Though this is a very important thing, many pet owners have no clue as to what the ideal weight for their dog really is. The ideal weight in animals is not a number but is in fact a certain ratio. The ribs of your dog must be easily felt, and he should have a defined waist. If you aren’t sure what your dog’s ideal weight should be, you can consult an expert at centers for dog grooming in San Rafael.

Exercise: Now, this is one that will feature in every list! Exercise is not just essential for your dog to be able to maintain his physical health but also his mental health. And, exercise needs to be much more than just a 10-minute walk around the block! If you want your dog to lose that flab, and maintain his ideal weight, you need to get power walking to ensure those calories are burnt. This is not just beneficial to your dog but also you.

Diet Changes: Not many pet owners think it is necessary to change their pet’s food, and that is correct. Most vets advise against changing the diet unless your dog is experiencing other issues. However, that said, avoid table scraps, and always account for the treats you feed your dog through the day. Each dog has different activity levels and bodies which needs to be considered when you plan his diet. Do not free-feed your dog, instead feed scheduled meals so that you have full control over how much your dog eats. If your pet seems hungry despite his regular meal, add in some fresh steamed green beans. This is an almost zero calorie food which is also an excellent source of fiber that will make your dog feel fuller without adding on the pounds.

Bear in mind that though your dog may look cute and cuddly when he is overweight, it makes him more prone to injuries and other health ailments. If you are in doubt as to how to prevent obesity in your dog, rely on the counsel of experts at Bridewell Hilltop Inc. We don’t just provide dog grooming and great boarding facilities for your dog in San Rafael, but also provide expert advice on how to care for your furry friend. Call us today at 415-897-5471.

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