How Dog Boarding Facility Can Help to Keep Hyperactive Dogs Under Control

You have a rather important business meeting you simply cannot miss, and as luck may have it, your dog’s walker is down with flu, and your back-up help is on a vacation. What do you do? This situation can turn into a nightmare if your dog is hyperactive. Thankfully, you can rely on the services of reputed dog boarding experts in San Rafael to keep your hyperactive pooch busy while you wrap up other important commitments.

How Can a Dog Boarding Facility Help a Hyperactive Dog

You see an ad for a local dog day-care facility that reads, “We can help! We offer 12 hours of socialization and fun for your four-legged friend”. You are tempted, but should you be sold?

Dogs love company, and thrive for attention: If you spend long hours at work, it is natural that your dog will get frustrated and hyperactive. In reality, most “hyper” dogs are simply under-exercised. When the dogs are under-exercised, they may also begin to exhibit inappropriate biting, peeing indoors etc., in their repertoire of undesirable behaviors. In such situations, it would be incredibly beneficial to let your dog stay at a dog boarding facility while you earn your daily bread. These day-care centres are similar to those you send your children to – you simply drop your dog off before work, and pick them up on your way back home.

Socialization: Domesticated dogs are very social animals; they crave for social interactions, and thrive in the company of their family members. And as much as they love being with you, they also enjoy time spent with their canine buddies. When you leave your dog at a dog boarding facility, your dog will learn to socialize, and enjoy hours of supervised play time with other dogs. A happy dog that gets to run around with its buddies is bound to have fewer issues when compared to a dog cooped up indoors all day! Certain dog boarding facilities also offer aromatherapy that is proven to help calm a hyper dog dramatically!

Exercise: We all know that our dogs need exercise, and yet most of us can not actually do something about it. Even if you mean well, you may not have enough time or energy to run with your dogs. Walks are good and mandatory for every dog, and yet unless you are hitting 45 plus minutes a clip, you are barely giving your dog the required exercise. This is where a good dog boarding facility comes into the picture. They chalk a schedule for your dog, so they get the exercise and outlet that they need!

Training: A reputed dog boarding in San Rafael will also be able to train your dog through basic obedience programs that will help you gain better control of your dog, and create a more balanced relationship with your pet. Trainers use a combination of effective training and behavior modification methods that have been proven to help keep a hyper dog calm and in control.

If you are at your wits’ end with a hyper dog, fret no more. Contact Bridewell Hilltop at 415-897-5471 for expert tips, customized grooming, and behaviour therapy programs that can work wonders in helping your hyper dog feel more calm and happy!

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