The importance of having a Doggie Daycare in Marin County

Any dog owner will tell you that they would love to be able to spend all day with their pooch, enjoying a leisurely walk to the park, a good game of fetch, and a belly rub session to cap it all off.

However, the reality is, you probably have a job to go to and errands to run, so you aren’t able to keep your dog entertained all day. Luckily, that’s where a good doggie daycare in Marin County with a pup-loving staff can come in, with several benefits that will keep you and your dog both happy.

Here are some benefits of choosing a top daycare, like our very own Bridewell Hilltop team provides.

  1. Positive Human Contact: Nobody likes to imagine their dog alone all day at home, without a friend to scratch their ears or share a friendly smile. At our doggie daycare, your dog will have plenty of positive attention.
  2. Socialization: Learning how to interact with other dogs is an important skill, and doggie daycare is the perfect setting for that. Dogs can interact in a safe, supervised environment, and even make some furry friends. This opportunity for normal canine behavior is a healthy experience for your dog.
  3. Exercise: Being cooped up all day can lead to pent-up energy in your pup, and even lead to health issues like obesity. Doggie daycare provides the opportunity for physical activity, keeping your dog in good health and excellent physical shape.
  4. Boredom Buster: As any dog owner can tell you, a bored dog is bad news. Boredom, especially in puppies, can lead to undesirable behaviors like chewing. Rather than come home to find your living room destroyed, bring your pup to doggie daycare, where they will have plenty of entertainment.
  5.  Trained Staff: A quality doggie daycare will have expert staff that can safely supervise the dogs, understanding dog body language and behaviors. As trained professionals, their expertise and knowledge will keep your dog happy and safe.

When you are looking for a doggie daycare in Marin County, be sure to ask about staff credentials, available programs, and the environment where the dogs will be spending their time.

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