All You Need to Know About Buying a Dog Crate

A dog crate should be one of the first items you should buy before you bring a puppy home. While many pet owners believe it is in human to crate their dogs, it is in fact quite the contrary. Do not be discouraged to invest in a dog crate only because it resembles a cage. A crate mimics the feel of a den for dogs no matter how big or small they may be. In addition to giving your furry friend a cozy place of his own, a crate is also a useful tool during vacation, travels, and at times when you need to step out for chores. According to experts at dog kennels in San Rafael, a crate will not only secure your pet when traveling, but also give you the assurance that they are safe till you reach your destination. Listed below are a few factors you must bear in mind while buying a dog crate.

Size – The crate you buy must fit the breed and size of the dog you own. This will ensure that he always feels secure  and does not get injured in the crate. It should be big enough for your dog to lie down, stand, flip and turn around without feeling any sort of discomfort.

If you own a pup, you must also factor in how big he is likely to grow, especially if you do not wish to buy a second bigger crate at a later stage. It would be in your best interest to purchase a bigger crate and block off a part of it until your pup grows.

Hygiene – Pet hygiene is as important as your own. Keeping your four-legged friend’s hygiene in mind, you must purchase a crate that is easy to clean and wipe. A double door crate will allow you to slip your hands through and give the crate a good wipe down.

Potential for Plane Travel – If you are someone who likes to travel and taking your dog along, it is important that you have a good crate for your pet. You will do good in investing in a crate that complies with airplane requirements while also being big enough for your pet to feel comfortable. Also investigate factors such as ventilation as well as resilience against turbulence on a plane trip.

These important factors will go a long way in helping you choose a dog crate for your best buddy that will keep him comfortable and safe. For expert tips or boarding facilities for your pet, look no further than Bridewell Hilltop Inc., one of the best dog kennels in San Rafael.

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