How To Pack for Dog Boarding: Is Your Pup Prepped?

While you might think your dog enjoys its freedom when you are at work or out of state, but truth be told, most dogs dislike being left alone. Dogs are social animals. They enjoy being around their families and spending time with the people who matter.

If you are planning to travel for work or want to visit a friend or family member residing in another state, drop your furry friend at a dog boarding in Petaluma. Dog boarding centers employ dog lovers and animal behavior experts trained to take care of canines. Surrounding your pooch with people who will care for them while you are gone is one of the best ways to keep it happy and reciprocate its unbounded love and loyalty.

Every dog has a unique personality and needs. To ensure your four-legged friend has an exciting boarding experience, prepare a bag containing necessary things that your dog needs every day. What are these items? Let’s take a look!


Pack medications, if any, that your dog is currently on. Provide a slip containing important instructions (such as when and how these medicines should be given). To be on the safe side, pack extra pills.

Your Furry Friend’s Regular Food 

A dog’s stomach can get upset if its food is suddenly switched. To prevent this from happening to your dog, remember to pack its regular diet. Pack enough food to last your dog’s stay. Give clear feeding instructions. Tell the staff whether:

  1. They should just fill the feeding bowl or measure the food.
  2. They should feed your furry friend once or twice a day.
  3. They should feed your dog a mixture of wet and dry food.

Home Comforts

A dog can get confused and anxious when surrounded by new people or in a new environment. Pack things your dog is attached to. Typical examples include its favorite toy, blanket, or even a piece of your clothing (which has your smell). If your dog gets nervous or starts acting weird, the staff can give it these items to make it feel secure and help calm the canine down.

Preparing Your Dog for Dog Boarding

Many dog boarding centers in Petaluma accept only vaccinated dogs, which makes perfect sense as an infected dog can pass on the infection to other guests. Make sure your dog is up to date on all its vaccines, including parvo, rabies, and Bordetella. Have your furry friend treated for ticks, fleas, and lice. Ask your vet if your dog needs any additional vaccinations.

At Bridewell Hilltop, we strive to create a homely environment for our guests. Our primary focus is always the comfort of the animals staying with us. Our staff are dog lovers who strive to ensure pets with us feel comfortable and cared for until their owners return. To schedule an appointment, call us at (415) 897-5471.

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