Setting Your Dog Up For Success to Attend Daycare

Dogs consider their human parents a part of their pack and enjoy being around them. It’s easy for a dog to feel depressed or anxious when left home alone. If you, like many other pet parents, feel guilty about leaving your pooch alone at home, drop it at a dog daycare in Novato before leaving for work or going on vacation the next time.

Reputable doggy daycare centers are equipped to handle pet emergencies. They have a dedicated recreation area where dogs can roam freely and play with each other. They also have grooming stations where trained dog groomers give dogs refreshing baths, trim their nails, and cut their hair, so they smell good and their coat looks healthy.

Before you board your four-legged friend for the first time, prepare it for doggy daycare. Understand that your four-legged friend is not familiar with the doggy daycare environment. If you wake up one fine morning and drop your pup at the doggy daycare of your choice, it can flip out. Proper preparation can help prevent a meltdown in dogs.

Here are some ways to properly prepare your pup to attend daycare beforehand.

Socialize Your Pooch 

Take your canine out for walks. During walks, encourage it to interact with other people and dogs. Take your pooch to nearby dog parks, where it can have fun-filled interactions with other dogs and their human parents. Set up puppy playdates. Puppy playdates give dogs opportunities to romp with their buddies. They provide much-needed physical and mental stimulation.

Conduct simple exercises to improve your pooch’s recall, so they will come when a boarding facility worker calls them. Teach it to sit when greeting people.

Make a Trip to the Vet

Reputable doggy daycare facilities require all their guests to be up to date on vaccinations. Before boarding your dog, consider paying a visit to your vet. During the visit, your vet will assess your furry friend’s physical health and check their records to make sure the following vaccinations have been administered:

  • DAPP vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Leptospirosis vaccine
  • Canine influenza virus or dog flu vaccine, and
  • Bordetella or canine kennel cough vaccine

Your vet can also write a detailed report to declare that your pooch does not harbor parasites transmitted from one host to another and is fit to attend daycare. Collect all vaccination certificates and keep them in an easily accessible place.

Try a Meet and Greet

An effective way to introduce your pooch to the environment of the dog boarding facility and the daycare facility team is to meet and greet with the facility staff. As you take a stroll in the facility, let your pooch absorb the sights, smells, and sounds. Notice how your furry friend reacts to people approaching it. Look into cleaning protocols and inquire about meals. Find out what’s included in the package the daycare facility is offering.

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