The Benefits of Sending Your Dog To Day Care

Do you feel guilty about leaving your furry friend home alone? No worries! Drop your pup off at a dog boarding in San Rafael before leaving for work or play this summer!

At Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, our reputable dog boarding goes above and beyond to create a safe and comfy environment for all our guests. Our team dedicated pet lovers ensure our guests get enough physical activity and mental stimulation for a day full of fun for your pet.

Relieve Anxiety  

Dogs are social animals. They enjoy their pet parents’ company. When left home alone frequently, many dogs develop separation anxiety and destructive behavior. They destroy items such as clothes and pillows in order to release pent-up energy and stress.

If your dog gets anxious when you leave it home alone, drop them off at a dog boarding facility before you leave for work or vacation to ensure it has company when you’re not around. Boarding your pup is a great way to prevent destructive behavior.

Day Of Play

Dog boarding facilities have a dedicated play area where their guests can roam freely and interact with each other. They watch each other and learn new socialization and other skills.

Dog boarding programs provide mental and physical stimulation for dogs. A tired dog is a happy dog. After a long day of play at puppy day care, when it’s time to pick up your pup, you know they will be sleeping well through the night.

At Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, our guests receive specialized care to fit their unique needs. If your dog requires specialized medical care, simply notify one of our staff, and we will ensure your pets needs are met.

Peace Of Mind

When choosing the right doggy daycare for your pup, consider what are some of the valuable qualities you would like to see from the boarding facility. Most pet owners are looking for a peace of mind when considering dog boarding facilities.

An owner wants to know that when they drop off their pet, they are in good hands. That is why at Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, our priority is keeping your dog safe and happy thorough their stay.

This summer, don’t worry about your pet’s safety and wellbeing when leaving them home alone, drop them off at the top boarding kennels in San Rafael, Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels To learn more about our services and rates, call (415) 897-5471.

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