Thinking About Overnight Dog Kennel Boarding?

For dog parents, their four-legged friends mean the world to them. They love spending time with their pups and can’t bear the thought of leaving them home alone.

Unfortunately, every now and then, they run into situations where it’s just not possible to take their pups with them. For pet parents who hate leaving their pooch alone at home, dog boarding can be an ideal option.

Dogs often get nervous around new people and in new places. You will want to choose a dog kennel in San Rafael that is equipped to help your canine adapt to the new environment. The best dog kennel for your pup is the one that can closely replicate the environment at your home, so your four-legged friend knows what to expect.

Follow these tips to find the perfect dog boarding facility for your pup.

Assess Cleanliness

Cleanliness is an important factor to consider when choosing a facility. If possible, schedule a visit to the facility you are considering. Check kennels and play areas during your visit to see if they are clean. Bugs darting around, bad smells, and dirty floors are red flags. Check the area where your pooch will be resting to ensure it is clean, sanitized, and looks comfortable. If the dog boarding facility provides bedding to its guests, make sure sleeping mats and blankets are clean and odor-free.

Ask About Activities

The last thing you need is your canine spending the whole day bored in a kennel. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation. It is not uncommon for a bored dog to engage in destructive behavior, such as shredding pillows and chewing furniture and shoes.

Look for a facility that conducts fun, physically, and mentally stimulating activities. Find out if your dog will be going on walks with its pals. Make sure the facility has a dedicated play area where your pup can play to its heart’s content.

Interact With the Staff 

During facility visits, talk to the staff members to gauge their experience. Ask them dog behavior questions and how they handle pet emergencies. Also, notice your pooch’s behavior around them. You know a facility is right for your furry friend if it instantly hits it off with the staff; however, if your pup seems wary of them, keep looking.

Confirm the Facility Has an On-call Vet

Ensure the facility you are considering has a trained and licensed vet on call. An in-house or on-call vet will ensure your pooch gets the best care, if needed. In addition to responding to emergencies, an in-house vet can teach the facility staff new ways to give oral or liquid medication to dogs.

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