What Does A Dog’s Schedule Look Like At Doggy Daycare?

Dogs are social animals. They thrive living with their packs of humans. It is not unusual for a dog to get sad when left home alone. Many dogs feel lonely and may experience anxiety when left alone at home.

If you feel guilty about leaving your furry friend alone, drop them off at a dog boarding near you in Novato. Dog boarding facilities provide ample physical and mental stimulation for their guests. They have provided qualified vets on standby.

Reputable doggy daycares employ animal lovers who treat their guests like family and go the extra mile to create a welcoming environment. At Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, our team of professional pet lovers make sure your pup feels right at home during their stay.

As the leading dog boarding facility near Novato, here is what the typical day of doggie daycare looks like for your pet.

➢    Arrivals: After your dog checks in, their belongings are placed in their caddies while they wait in their crates

➢    Morning Activities: Dogs participate in different activities such as chasing games, wrestling, ball-fetching, tunnel running, and climbing. Dog daycare facilities have dedicated play areas where their guests can roam freely, socialize with each other and be themselves. Dog play sessions are supervised by animal behaviorists who immediately intervene if one or more dogs play rough. To prevent injuries, many dog daycare centers have separate play areas for large and small dogs. If a doggy daycare facility provides toys to its guests, the staff should ensure that they do not pose a strangulation or choking hazard

➢    Individual Attention: The daycare facility staff distribute treats and bond with dogs. If your pet has unique care needs, be sure to let the care facility know ahead of time

➢    Feeding Time: A couple of times throughout the day, the dogs will be separated in order to ensure everyone gets their own food for mealtime. If your dog is on a special diet or has specific nutritional requirements, let the doggy daycare staff know in advance and make the necessary arrangements. Provide feeding instructions and remember to pack your furry buddy’s food in their bag

➢    Nap Time: Dogs are placed in their crates, where they rest for a couple of hours. Many daycare facilities play soft, soothing music during nap time to create a relaxing environment. Naps are important for dogs. Dog daycare facilities implement a nap time to ensure their guests can relax and recharge after a tiring play session

➢    Afternoon Activities: After napping, dogs participate in low-intensity, less vigorous exercises

➢    Grooming and Personal Attention: Many dog daycare centers have dog grooming stations where groomers trim dog nails, give dogs refreshing baths, and remove dog hair. Dog groomers are trained to provide personalized attention to dogs and ease their grooming anxiety, ensuring they have a good experience

➢     Pickup Time: Dogs are placed back in their kennels where they relax till their human parents arrive to take them home

Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery is a trusted dog daycare center in Novato. Our staff consists of avid dog lovers. We personalize the guest experience. To learn more, call (415)897-5471.

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