3 Amazing Tips for Limiting Pet Hair Matting

When you have a pet with a long coat, one of the biggest problems that you have to deal with is matted hair. Trying to get rid of the problem can often involve painful methods, and the last thing you want to do is hurt your beloved pet. The good news is that there are quite a few tips that can help you limit hair matting in your pet. However, before going through these tips, you should bear in mind that there is nothing like regular Novato pet grooming to prevent pet hair matting and keep your furry friend looking clean and well taken care of.

Top 3 Tips to Prevent Hair Matting

Here are 3 great tips to help in limiting hair matting in your pet.

  1. Pick the Right Grooming Tools: It might surprise you to learn that the grooming tools you choose for your pet plays an important role in fur or hair matting. Choosing the right tools can go a long way in preventing your pet’s hair from getting matted. Novato pet grooming experts recommend getting 3 brushes – a soft, natural bristle brush to remove debris from the surface of the coat, a pin brush to minimize hair breakage, and a slick brush to help in removing tangles.
  2. Get a Metal Brush: While the three pet grooming brushes mentioned above are important, it is also imperative that you get a metal comb. This type of comb helps in getting to the root of the problem. You will find metal combs in different shapes and sizes and you can buy one based on your dog’s coat – fine, thick, coarse, etc. Once you are done brushing your pet’s hair with the brushes, use the metal comb to finish off and keep your dog’s fur free of tangles and mats.
  3. Brush Regularly: Any Novato pet grooming expert will tell you that there is nothing like regular brushing to limit hair matting. You should try to brush your pet’s hair for 3 to 5 minutes most days of the week. When you establish a regular brushing routine, you will not only prevent your pet’s fur from matting but also make sure that it is soft and shiny.

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