4 Amazing Ways to Care for your Pet this Winter

When the temperatures begin to dip, and snow starts to cover the ground outside, it is important to not just don your coat, but also adjust the daily routine of your dog to keep him safe, happy, and comfortable until the signs of spring begin to appear. Caring for your dog in winter can be hard and is a multipronged routine that will certainly take some thought as well as preparation. Listed below are a few Novato pet grooming tips to make this winter the best ever for your pet.

Adjust the Daily Calorie Intake: A dog’s diet is calibrated to give him all the calories, vitamins, and minerals that he needs on a daily basis. But when the activity levels of your dog begin to change, like it does during winter, adjustments need to be made to ensure that he gets adequate nutrition. Since most dogs are less active during winter, they must consume fewer calories. If you are unsure how to adjust his meal, consult a vet who will gladly help you tailor your dog’s calorie intake.

Block Heat Sources: Pets, especially dogs, tend to seek out sources of heat to cuddle up, and take a quick nap. However, these spots can be a burn hazard, and your pet is unlikely to know how hot they can get. If you have a cat, you may see it try to sneak and curl up right next to a hot radiator or worse jump into a wood burning stove or venture too close to the fire place. This is why it is important to make such places inaccessible to your pets during winter.

Reduce No Leash Time: Though your dog may love running, outdoors off the leash even during harsh winters can be risky when the temperatures drop. This is because dogs tend to be at an increased risk of being run over or hit by vehicles during snow plows during winter. Accidental falls through ice may also occur if a water body isn’t fully frozen. It is therefore in the best interest of your pet that you keep him on a leash at all times when outdoors especially during winter.

Care for his Paws: Your dog’s tails, ears, and legs are highly susceptible to frostbite. While there is little you can do for his ears and tail, you can buy him a pair of dog boots that will provide welcome warmth to his paws. Booties also help protect your dog from harmful chemicals such as de-icers. If your dog refuses to wear a pair of cute booties, use a towel to wipe his paws clean after a walk.

Following these simple tips can help keep your pets safe from inclement weather this winter. For more winter care tips, contact the best Novato pet grooming serviceBridewell Hilltop Inc. We provide top-notch pet boarding and grooming services that are exclusively dedicated to cats, dogs, and other small animals.

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