3 Important Precautions that Must be Taken by Pet Sitters

Are you looking for a pet sitter to take care of your furry companion while you are away? Your pet is a part of your family, and you would want to make sure that you find the best sitter. You should find one who will take care of your pet just as the baby sitter takes care of your kids. When you look for professionals in pet sitting in Novato, it is important to ensure that the pet sitter you hire practices basic safety tips, and is mindful of the precautions they need to take when they arrive for their pet-sitting appointment.

3 Safety Precautions Pet Sitters Should Take

Here are three precautions that every pet sitter should take when they arrive for their pet-sitting visit.

  1. Make Sure the Home is Safe to Enter: When pet sitters arrive at the client’s home, they should always make sure that it is safe for them to enter, especially in situations where the owners are not there to welcome them. If they see a vehicle or person who is not expected to be there on the driveway or anywhere on the property, they should contact the client immediately. The sitter should stay inside their vehicle, and if they cannot reach their client or get to know that the client is not expecting anyone, they should call the police immediately.
  2. Lock All Doors: Pet sitters should lock their vehicle’s doors when they arrive for their pet-sitting visit. Once they enter the client’s home, they should make sure that they lock the doors behind them. Pet sitters often forget this due to their busy schedules and getting to the pet or pets is the first thought in their head. Locking their vehicle and all doors in the house ensures that intruders do not steal their car or enter the home while the sitter does their job of caring for the pets.
  3. Check Doors and Windows: Before entering the client’s home, pet sitters should always check for any broken doors or windows. If they arrive to find that the doors or windows have been broken, they should not enter the home, and contact the client and the police immediately. Although they will want to check on the pets, they should avoid entering the home until the police have checked the home, and ensure that it is safe to enter.

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