Why Pet Sitters Stringently Follow Diet & Exercise Routines

While you may love to take your furry friend everywhere you go, it sometimes just isn’t possible. Thankfully, there are a number of options such as pet sitting in Novato that you can rely upon if you will be gone for a few weeks. A qualified professional pet sitter or boarding facility is the safest bet for your pet while you are away. Using a pet sitter when you travel means your dog gets to stay in surroundings that he is familiar with, and is likely to be less stressed, and also is not exposed to contagious diseases at a boarding kennel. Thankfully, experienced pet sitters not only care for your pet, and walk him when needed, but also pay keen attention to your pet’s diet and exercise routine.

A Healthy Diet

Good nutrition is paramount when it comes to your pet’s health. It’s important for you to learn what your dog needs to stay happy, active, and healthy. Ensuring that your pet eats what it should, and not just what it wants, is the right way to ensure his nutritional needs are met. A complete, balanced diet comprises of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. A pet sitter who is certified will ensure that your dog is fed on time while you are away. They also have the knowledge as to what to feed different breeds of dogs. An experienced sitter will also make sure that your dog gets enough fresh water to meet his nutritional needs. You can be rest assured that a good pet sitter will feed your dog a healthy meal as opposed to just table scraps and treats.

A Strict Exercise Routine

Every pet sitter understands the importance of exercise for your pet to remain healthy. Exercise not only helps keep your dog at a healthy weight, but also aids in reducing digestive problems, and controls behavioural problems. When you leave your pet home alone for an extended period of time, it is but natural for him to get anxious, and become destructive. Pets that are cooped up at home while you are away, and only let out to answer nature’s call, are likely to get agitated, and develop numerous destructive habits such as scratching, digging, and jumping on other people. Some may even begin to raid garbage bins, and attempt to bite. An experienced pet sitter understands this, and keeps your dog active by taking him for long walks, and encouraging him to play ball. Some may even take them swimming during your absence or try out new training games to keep them active and healthy.

Dogs show their loyalty towards us in many ways, and as a pet owner, it is important for you to love and provide for them, and ensure they are well taken care of while you are away. If you are looking for reliable pet sitting in Novato, contact Bridewell Hilltop Inc. Call us at 415-897-5471 to make a reservation for pet boarding or grooming services.

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