5 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes San Rafael Pet Owners Should Avoid

Proper dog grooming in San Rafael is essential to the health and well-being of your dog, however, pet owners often take grooming too far. The pet grooming professionals at Bridewell Hilltop want pet owners to be aware of these common grooming habits that should be avoided.

Bathing too Often

Unless your dog rolls around in something gross and smelly, they only actually need a bath once every few months. Over bathing strips the skin and coat of their natural oils and can cause dry skin, leading to irritation and other skin problems.

Inadequate Rinsing

A dog’s coat, particularly long and thick coats, can trap soap close to the skin where a quick rinse simply won’t reach. Soap residue can irritate the skin. It’s important to make sure you rinse all the soap out of their coats as this can cause their fur to mat. Use these tips to ensure a thorough rinse:

  • Use decent water pressure to penetrate all layers of the coat.
  • Use care to avoid using too much product.
  • Keep rinsing until suds no longer appear.

Improper Face Washing

Great care needs to be used when washing your dog’s face and head. Be sure to avoid getting water in your dog’s ears, eyes, or nose. Not only can this be painful for your dog, it can lead to infections. Water in the ear, for example, is the ideal environment for bacteria. Instead, use a damp washcloth to clean their face.

Brushing Wet Fur

Wet fur has a nasty habit of causing mats and tangles to tighten. When brushed while wet, this can pull sharply on your dog’s skin, which can be painful. Wet fur is also more susceptible to breakage, leading to worsening mats. It’s best to brush your dog’s coat before the bath as this will also help break up dirt and shed close to the skin.

Seasonal Coat Shaving

When pet owners shave their dogs, it’s always with good intentions, however, this popular practice can have unpleasant complications. First, it removes the dog’s natural protection from the sun, leading to sun burns and a higher risk of developing skin cancer. It also reduces their body’s ability to regulate their internal temperature, which can cause them to overheat quicker.

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