5 Items To Pack When Boarding Your Dog

Dogs are more than just animals. For most of us, they are family. We always want to stay close and take care of them. However, when we come across situations where we cannot carry them with us, a trusted and caring dog boarding is a good option to consider.

A dog has needs, and being a dog owner, you know them well. So, when you are leaving your pup in the care of a dog boarding in San Rafael, you need to ensure your pet’s needs are met.

Here are a few essential items to pack for your dog to make sure they stay happy in your absence:

Medication and Supplements

You must pack all the medications and supplements that your dog might need regularly or in any specific situation. Do not forget to inform the caretaker of any special instructions to follow while administering the medicine, such as giving the dose only on an empty stomach, or when to not give an otherwise regular dose.

Their Favorite Toy

Although dog boarding or daycare facilities are sure to offer your dog a lot of toys to play with. You would do well to pack your dog’s favorite toy, such as the one it likes to play or sleep with. This will help keep your dog feeling comfortable and safe.

Something from You or Your Home

Your dog is sure to miss you when you are not around. To comfort your dog in its loneliness, you can pack something from your home that can remind them of your presence. Your pup will be more delighted to have something you use on yourself, like a t-shirt, blanket, hat, etc.

Identification and Contact Information

Do not forget to provide your contact information and the pet’s identification details while boarding your dog at the pet resort. It is also advisable that you give them a close family member’s contact information, to be used in case of an emergency.

Their Special Items

You know your pet more than anyone else. You’ll have to think of and remember the special items that your dog can’t do without. It can be anything from your pup’s favorite snack to a bowl that it likes to eat in.

What to Look For in a Pup Boarding?

Here is what you can do to check before you sign up for a pup boarding

  • Conduct careful research on the place you are planning to board your dog.
  • Introduce the pet sitter with your dog and see how they interact with your dog.
  • Ensure that the kennel is clean and safe.
  • Inquire about the healthcare facilities available in case of emergencies.
  • Evaluate the staffing position and its availability.

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