How to Prepare Your Dog for When You’re Away

Dogs are social animals. They crave their human parent’s attention and love spending time with them. Your dog feels safe when you’re around. Dogs trust you to help them navigate the complexities of life. Due to their dependence on their human, when a dog is left alone, dogs can experience anxieties of abandonment.

While some dogs feel fine being alone for long periods of time, other dogs feel major anxiety. Some dogs develop behavioral problems when left alone frequently for long periods of time. Other dogs may feel the need to escape and run away. Stress and high levels of anxiety over periods of a time are tough on our K9 companions’ health. That is why it is understandable that many dog owners do not like to leave their pets home alone for long.

At Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, we understand that it is hard to leave our pets alone. Here are some tips we recommend when you must leave your dog home alone.

Assess Your Furry Friend’s Needs

Every dog is different. Some dogs are more social than others and love being around people, others do well when left alone for long periods of time. Dogs that crave attention may develop health and behavioral problems when left alone for an extended period.

If your pooch has separation anxiety, hire a pet sitter to care for it while you are gone, or drop it off at a pet boarding in San Rafael. At our pet boarding facility, we make sure you pet is well taken care of and getting the attention that they need. Playing with our staff, and other dogs staying the night is a great way for your pet to relieve stress and have fun while you are away.

Consider your pet’s age. Younger pets may not do as well as more mature pets when left alone and might make a mess. Older pets may need to be let outside more frequently or require medication. When hiring a pet sitter or having your dog stay at a pet boarding center remember to tell their caretaker about your pet’s special needs.

Adjust your Schedule 

At least a couple of weeks before embarking on your vacation, start leaving your pooch alone more often for longer periods of time. Start slow. Instead of leaving your pet alone for an extended period from day one, slowly increase the amount of time. This will prepare your furry friend to spend more time alone.

Give Your Pooch a Safe, Familiar Space

Instead of locking your pooch in a room it rarely explores or is not allowed to go, make sure it is left in a familiar space. A familiar environment will make your pooch feel secure. The safe space could be a crate or a designated puppy zone.

At our pet boarding in San Rafael, we make sure our guests feel comfortable during their stay. By bringing your pet with their favorite toy, preferred food, treats, and other personal items, your pet will feel more at home while away.

If your pet gets restless and tends to move around, consider installing a baby gate to keep it in the designated area.

Make Your Home Comfortable

If your furry friend will be staying at home on its own, set a comfortable temperature for it before leaving. Close the doors to rooms you do not want it to get into. Leave food and water in a familiar place. Leave potty pads or litter box so your pet can relieve itself. Make sure it has a comfortable bed.

Pet Proof Your Home.  

Dogs are curious creatures. They enjoy exploring their surroundings and, in the process, often try to play with, chew, or consume food items and household items that can be dangerous for them.

Keep heat vents, trash cans, and toilets covered. Place food items that are toxic for your dog out of reach. Put any toys that might present a choking risk, medications and chemical hazards away.

Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels is a home away from home for pets. Next time your family goes out of town, bring your furry family to our pet boarding in San Rafael. Have questions about our policies?  Call us at (415) 897-5471.

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