5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Warm: A Cold Weather Guide

Winter can be a challenging time for your furry friend. Young dogs, old dogs, small dogs, and those with thin coats are cold-averse and start experiencing problems when temperatures plummet below 32 degrees F.

As winter gets into full swing, we at Bridewell Hilltop Kennels in San Rafael thought that it’s a great time to share some tips to help keep your furry friend warm.

When Outdoors, Protect Your Dog’s Paws 

Put doggy socks on your furry friend’s feet before going out. Check your dog’s paws for cracks or bleeding after returning from a walk.

Do Not Make Your Dog Sleep Outdoors at Night 

It is best to keep your dog indoors in cold weather. If you have a dog kennel, make sure it is insulated with a covering to prevent the cold from radiating from the ground.

The floor of a dog house should be at least four inches off the ground. Be sure to provide warm water and a blanket. If your dog does not have a dog house, place a bed in a warm spot (away from drafty doors and windows) in your garage or home for them to sleep in.

Limit Time Outdoors 

No dog, not even those with thick coats, should be allowed to spend large amounts of time outdoors in cold weather. Remember, even if your dog has a long, thick hair coat, some parts of its body, such as ears, paws, and tongue, are unprotected. Never leave your furry friend outside unattended and consider shortening your walks.

Dress It Up for Winter 

Small dogs, senior dogs, puppies, and dogs with short hair need help to stay warm when temperatures plummet. To keep your furry friend warm, put a dog-friendly sweater or coat on it, but be sure to not cover their head.

Feed Them Well 

The heat produced during digestion helps keep dogs warm. To ensure your furry friend has enough energy to generate heat:

  1. Feed them regularly
  2. Avoid overfeeding your pooch
  3. Check their water bowl regularly and refill it whenever necessary
  4. Do not let the bowl freeze over

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