Tips to Ease the Stress of Boarding

Dog kennels in Marin County are a godsend for busy dog parents. Dog daycare facilities have trained staff and recreational areas where dogs can socialize and unleash their playfulness. Reputable facilities go above and beyond for their guests. Oftentimes this includes having salons and spas where dogs are given warm, relaxing baths.

Despite these facilities and regardless of how nice the environment of your preferred pet care facility may be, being in a new environment can be a stressful experience for your pooch. Dogs thrive on routines. When you sign your pooch up for doggy daycare, it will have to adapt to the new environment and routine. This change can cause stress.

Here are some tips to make boarding less stressful for your furry friend.

Condition Your Furry friend to a Crate

If your dog is used to roaming free in your house, being locked in a kennel can stress it out. To prevent kennel stress, you need to condition your dog to a crate. Start putting your furry friend in a crate or kennel a few days before boarding. This will help prepare your pooch for the time at the kennel.

Visit the Facility

Do not take everything your preferred pet boarding facility says at face value. Make reservations well in advance and check the facility out before you board your pet. Check whether the facility offers the services you need. Notice how your furry friend reacts to the sights, sounds, and smells that it experiences.

Bring Something Familiar

Bring something to the kennel that your pooch is familiar with. Typical examples include its favorite toys, bed, favorite blankets and something that reminds it of you (for example, a piece of clothing with your scent). Providing your furry friend familiar items will make it feel secure, and reduce stress.

If your dog is on any medication, provide instructions to the daycare staff regarding administering medication to your furry friend. If the facility provides foods by a different brand that your furry friend is used to, bring its usual food.

Prevent Separation Anxiety

If you haven’t left your dog alone before, it may get nervous and behave strangely after you drop it at a daycare facility. To prevent this from happening, start spending some time away from them every day a few weeks before the appointment.

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