5 Tips to Prepare Your Dog For an Overnight Boarding Session

Are you worried about leaving your dog for an overnight boarding session? You’re not alone. Many pet owners feel anxious when they have to leave their furry friends behind and don’t know how to make the transition easier for them.

But with a little preparation, you can ensure that your pup is happy, safe, and comfortable throughout their stay. Here are five tips to help you prepare your dog for an overnight boarding session in San Rafael.

Get Them Used to the Dog Boarding Facility

Before their stay, take your dog to tour the facility where they will be staying. This is important in helping them become familiar with their new environment and meet some of the other boarders if you choose a facility that allows doggie daycare or group playtime. Going for at least one walk around the facility will help your dog become more comfortable with their surroundings.

Introduce Them to New People

To make sure your pup is able to adjust well during their stay, introduce them to new people prior to boarding. This way, they are not overwhelmed by unfamiliar faces at once and can slowly build trust and bond with all those caring for them in their new environment.

Make Sure Your Pooch is Up to Date With Vaccinations

Responsible and reputable dog boarding facilities take all necessary measures to make dog boarding in San Rafael as safe and stress-free as possible. They only accept dogs that are up to date with vaccines. Remember to carry proof of vaccination with you on boarding day.

Provide familiar items

Bringing items from home, such as your pup’s favorite toys and bedding, can help them feel more comfortable while being away from you. These familiar items can also act as a form of comfort and security when they are missing you or feeling anxious in a new place.

Pack necessary Supplies

Pack Necessary Supplies: Make sure to pack all the necessary items for your pup’s stay, such as food, treats, medications (if required) and any other special dietary needs. This is also a great time to provide your pet with a few of their favorite chews or toys.

Following these five tips will help make your dog’s overnight boarding experience a successful and positive one. And with the right preparation, you can both enjoy your time apart knowing that your pup is safe and comfortable in their new environment.

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