How to Get Your Dog to Sleep Through the Night

A sleep disorder can weaken your furry friend’s immune system and affect their overall well-being. As a result, they may become unwell, restless, aggressive, or develop other behavioral problems.

From health problems to pent-up energy and stress/anxiety, there are several causes of insomnia in dogs. In this article, we are going to outline some proven ways to get your pooch to sleep through the night.

Tire Them Out

Like children, dogs are a bundle of energy. If your pooch has too much pent-up energy, it may refuse to go to bed at night. Exercise your dog to ensure it is tired as bedtime approaches. Depending on the breed, your dog needs 30 mins-2 hours of exercise daily. Usually, the larger the breed, the more exercise is needed. But this is not always the case. Do some research into your breed of dog to better understand what it needs.

Take your pooch to a dog park where it can play with other dogs every day. If your canine friend stays home alone, walking it a few hours before bedtime is a great way to tire it out. Not only do walks exercise your dog’s mind and body, but they also help strengthen your bond. Another tip is to use puzzle feeders whilst you are at work, to keep your pooch engaged and mentally stimulated.

Consider doggy daycare for your pooch. Not only will your dog be taken care of all day whilst you are at work, but they will also be tired out from playing with the other dogs at the daycare. If you are looking for a reputable dog boarding facility near you in Novato, then look no further than Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery. We offer everything from doggy daycare to boarding.

Use Chew Toys to Soothe Your Pooch Before Sleep

Dogs release stress and anxiety by licking and chewing on things. Give your furry friend one of its favorite chew toys before bedtime. Consider coating the toy with peanut butter to convert the toy into a tasty bedtime treat.

Address Any Medical Conditions

If you suspect that an injury or medical condition keeps your pooch up at night, it’s time to see a vet. Your vet will run tests to diagnose potential health conditions. They will also check for signs of flea bites and other problems that can cause sleeping disorders in dogs.

Create a Relaxing Environment

Make sure your pooch has a comfortable place to sleep. Give your dog appropriate bedding accompanied by a warm blanket. Draw the blinds and curtains and turn off all the lights in the room.

Make Sure it Has Peed Before Bedtime

Just before your dog goes to bed, give it one last opportunity to use the toilet. Leave a small amount of water in your pooch’s dish overnight so it can take a few sips if it wakes up feeling thirsty at night.

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