6 Ways To Deal With Muddy Paws While Dog Grooming In San Rafael

Dog grooming professionals in San Rafael can offer a wide range of tips to help you avoid dirty paw prints from making their way through your home. With a little care and practice, you can keep your pet from turning your home into a muddy mess.

Limit Access to Muddy Areas

First and foremost, limit their access to the muddy areas around your yard. If you want to make sure they stay out of the dirt, put them on a leash so you maintain control of where they go and what they are doing while they are outside.

Keep Wipes Handy

Keep wipes handy in your car and by the doors of your home. When you need to wipe their feet clean before they come inside, you are already prepared and can wipe them down in a hurry.

Put a Wash Bowl by Your Door

When you let your pet outside, set a small wash bowl by the door. You can find microfiber mitts that you can use to wipe your pet’s feet with, to remove any dirt or grime they may have picked up while they were out running around.

Wash and Moisturize Your Pet’s Feet During Bath Time

One of the best ways to get your pet used to you touching their paws is to wash and moisturize each one during bath time. Clean between their toes and check their nails. Dry each paw one at a time and then follow-up by moisturizing them.

Buy Dog Booties!!

Believe it or not, companies do make dog booties! They have different kinds for different levels of activity. You will have to put them on your pet’s feet and let them get used to having them on before you send them outside.

Put a Mat By the Door

Having an absorbent mat by the door will soak up any moisture on your pet’s feet. While they are standing there, it will give you time to wipe them down and dry their fur so you won’t have water spots on the floor or the furniture.

At Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery, the professional staff offers dog grooming services in San Rafael and can answer any questions you might have about how to control the muddy paw brigade. Schedule an appointment to have your pet groomed and discuss your options so you can keep both your home and your pet as clean as possible.

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