Tips On Dog Park Safety And Etiquette From Dog Grooming Experts In San Rafael

Dog parks are a great way to exercise your pet, but there are a few pet safety tips you should keep in mind whenever you choose to visit one. Here are some of the tips recommended by professionals offering dog grooming in San Rafael.

Keep Your Pet’s Shots Current

Always keep your pet’s shots current. This is essential especially since you will be exposing your dog to other people and their pets, who may or may not be as careful as you are. Make sure your pet goes to its annual check-up each year and gets a clean bill of health along with all of their required shots.

Always Bring What You Need

Whenever you head out to the dog park, make sure you carry everything you will need. This can include baggies and a scoop for the unmentionables, a bottle of water, dog snacks, and anything else your pet may need when he’s out visiting his friends.

Watch for Little Dogs

Always keep an eye out for the little dogs. Some are less friendly and may become quickly irritated if a larger dog starts to get too close. Make sure you know where they are and try to keep a friendly distance until they begin to get used to you being nearby.

Teach Your Dog to Play Well With Others

Work with your pet at home and teach them to get along with other dogs. Some dogs are naturally friendly, while others may take a while to get used to the busy environment at the dog park. Make their first day a short one and try to go when the place isn’t too crowded.

Maintain Control of Your Pet

Any time you are out in public with your pet, always make sure they are under control. If your pet gets loose for any reason, you may be responsible for whatever happens next. If you are unsure of how your pet will react in any type of situation, always keep them leashed.

The staff at Bridewell Hilltop Kennels & Cattery specialize in dog grooming in San Rafael, and can also help you teach your pet the basic skills they need to be able to enjoy a fun day at the local dog park. Call and schedule an appointment today to have your dog groomed so they can go to the park looking their best.

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