At What Age is it Appropriate to Board Your Puppy?

You mean the world to your puppy. They love you to bits and trust you to make decisions on their behalf. When you leave your four-legged friend home alone, they may feel betrayed and sad. One way to ensure your canine has a great time while you are away is to drop them off at a dog boarding facility.

Reputable dog boarding facilities take great care of their guests. Their kennels are equipped with modern amenities. Dog boarding facilities have trained animal behaviorists and vets with the knowledge to care to ensure your pet has the best time during their stay.

The Right Age for Boarding a Puppy for the First Time

At what age can a puppy attend boarding? Puppies usually complete their first round of vaccinations in the first three months or 12 weeks after their birth and the second round at 16 weeks, which is why most boarding facilities do not accept puppies that are less than four months old. Many dog boarding facilities require dog owners to provide proof that their canine is up to date on its shots.

A puppy’s immune system can take up to five months to develop. Even if a dog boarding center accepts puppies after completing their first round of shots, you will want to wait until your pooch has its second round of shots, as a fully vaccinated dog is less prone to infections.

Consult Your Vet

If you have concerns about your puppy’s health, it is a good idea to consult your vet before boarding your pooch for the first time. When you take your four-legged friend to your vet, they will conduct a detailed physical examination to assess their health.

If your vet recommends a special diet for your pooch or it is on medication, remember to share diet and medication-related information with the pet boarding facility you are considering.

Do Your Research

Make sure the dog boarding facility you are considering is equipped to care for your pooch’s needs. Before boarding your canine, visit the facility to check the cleanliness levels. Talk to the facility staff to assess their knowledge. Ask about the measures the facility takes to ensure the safety of its guests.

Some questions to ask before scheduling a stay:

  • Are the facility staff trained to care for your puppy’s needs?
  • Do caregivers understand puppy behavior and have experience caring for puppies as young as yours?
  • Do the caregivers have too much on their plate? Will they have enough time to give your pup the attention it craves?
  • Will your pup have enough space to run and explore?

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