How to Make Boarding Easy for a Dog with Special Needs

Dogs with special needs need more care and attention. If you have a special needs dog, you may be hesitant to leave it with a sitter, even if they are a close friend or family member.

Pet boarding in San Rafael is the perfect solution for people with special needs dogs. Dog daycare facilities have trained staff that takes care of all their guests’ everyday and special needs. They also have vets on their team. In addition, vets have received specialized training that enables them to respond to pet emergencies.

Follow these tips to prepare your special needs furry friend for boarding success.

Administer Medications

Whether your dog has a chronic or acute illness, administer medications recommended by your vet as per instructions. Before boarding your pooch, pack their medicines in their bag.

On a piece of paper, write down dosing instructions, including when and how much medication to give, and put it in your pooch’s bag so that the doggy daycare facility team can adequately administer it to your dog. If your puppy hates their medicines and does not want to take them, pack its favorite treats to help make administering medicines smoother.

Explain Special Dietary Requirements to the Staff

Many special needs dogs, especially those with a health condition affecting their digestive system, have special nutritional requirements and are on a special diet. Let the doggy daycare facility staff know if your canine is on a special diet. Bring your furry friend’s food. Label the container with your dog’s food and provide feeding instructions.

Discuss Any Behavioral Issues with the Staff

If your four-legged friend gets anxious, is shy or afraid of certain objects, has a phobia, or gets aggressive when exposed to a particular stimulus, let the doggy daycare facility know.

Reputable doggy daycare facilities employ animal behaviorists who have studied dog behavior problems and know how to calm down an anxious, hyperactive, or aggressive dog.

Boarding a Special Needs Senior Dog or a Dog with Disabilities

Does your senior dog have arthritis and needs special exercises that gently stretch its joints? Or a thyroid problem and habitually chewing on bones to satiate hunger? Discuss its special needs with the dog daycare facility and provide instructions.

Disabled dogs need extra care and attention. A disabled, hyperactive dog should be monitored frequently, or it may get over-excited during play and injure itself. Whether your pooch is blind, deaf, paralyzed, or missing a limb, a doggy daycare facility can tailor your furry friend’s boarding experience to their unique needs, ensuring an enjoyable stay.

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