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Benefits of Leaving Your Dog in Doggie Day Care Centers


Long hours at work or school could force you to leave your precious four-footed companion at home for longer than you wish. This is true for hundreds of pet owners who find themselves in a helpless situation, not knowing what to do with their dogs while they are away. Luckily, there are several safe options such as a dog daycare in Novato to make sure your dog is safe and happy while you are away from home. Listed below are a few benefits of leaving your dog in a doggie daycare center.

Open play Environment: Most dog daycare centers have an open play environment that encourages dogs of all breeds and sizes to exercise and socialize. Many of them meet your dog beforehand to assess his size and temperament, and if he is a good fit for open play.

Socialization: A dog care center is a great place to train your dog on how to act in various social situations, such as in a dog park with other dogs, or when visitors come over. This will help your dog socialize better, and be more comfortable not only around new people but also new dogs.

Safe Playrooms: Nowadays, dog care centers have spacious climate-controlled clean playrooms with rubberized flooring. This means your dog is safe and less prone to accidents due to running or slipping at a daycare.

Develops Confidence: When you leave your dog at a daycare center, he will learn to make new friends, adjust, and become more well rounded. This in turn will boost his confidence, and make it so much easier for you to care for him.

Lesser Doggie Mischief: As his confidence improves, you will see your dog exhibit a more positive behavior, and indulge in less doggie mischief. This means you will spend much lesser time cleaning up after your furry pet.

Less Guilt: When you leave your dog at a daycare, you will feel less guilty about leaving him alone. Most daycare centers also allow webcam access that will let you keep an eye on your pet while you are away at work. In short, leaving your dog at a daycare center will give you peace of mind to work, and focus on other important things rather than worrying over your dog.

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