Know What Should be Included in Your Dog’s Diet!

In an ideal pet-friendly world, all kibble would be made equal. However, dog owners are presented with a variety of options – all claiming to be the best food for your dog. Wading through these dozens of choices to find the right dog brand that is not just appealing to your dog, but also is healthy and affordable can be a daunting and frustrating task. Listed below are a few foods that experts in dog grooming in San Rafael recommend adding to your dog’s diet if you feed him commercial food.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics and can be safely fed to your furry friend. Not only is it inexpensive but is also easy to feed. Be sure to stick to a non-fat plain yogurt brand, as your dog doesn’t really need or benefit from the sugar present in flavored varieties.  The probiotics in yogurt provide several health benefits for all dogs. If your dog has digestive issues, he will particularly benefit from eating yogurt. Also, yogurt provides less than 20 calories per ounce serving, which means even small breeds can be fed a mouthful without worrying about reducing food portions.

Eggs: Eggs are chock-full of nutrition that is also dog friendly. Eggs contain high quality protein and fat with a number of other vitamins and minerals. Egg whites are better digested when cooked, while the yolk of the egg can be fed to your dog raw. Most breeds of dogs can digest a raw egg, but you could feed your pet hard cooked, scrambled, or soft cooked eggs if you fear that he will fall sick due to the bacteria present in raw eggs. A large sized egg provides about 70 calories, which is perfect for a medium or large sized dog. If your dog is small, he would do better with half an egg daily or an egg every alternate day. Never feed your dog the shell of an egg, as it contains calcium that can be harmful to certain large breeds.

Sardines: Fish such as sardine is yet another healthy food you can add to your dog’s daily diet. Sardine contains omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your dog’s skin and coat. The DHA and EPA present in sardines help improve immunity and reduce inflammation and hence are beneficial to dogs suffering from arthritis and allergies. DHA is also proven to be good for brain health, and hence is an excellent choice for both puppies as well as senior dogs. You may also feed larger dogs, pink salmon, and jack mackerel.

Your dog deserves good food in addition to commercial dry food that you feed him. Feeding your four-legged friend good food will ensure they are more active and look and feel healthy. For more tips on dog food and dog grooming in San Rafael, rely on the experts at Bridewell Hilltop Inc. Call us today at (415) 897-5471.

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