What Can You Do to Prevent Dog Straying

Do you believe your dog is nothing less than a hairy Houdini that can find his way to escape from your backyard when you aren’t watching? If your dog tends to escape despite repeated efforts to keep him confined, you are right in fearing tragic consequences. Your dog can escape, and get injured in a fight with another dog, get hit by a car, or get hurt in numerous other ways. That is not all! You will also be held liable for any injury or damage that your dog may cause when free on the roads. So, how do you prevent your dog from straying and getting into trouble? Here are a few tips from experts in dog boarding in San Rafael.

Tips to keep your dog from straying

Install a Fence: If you have a dog that likes to run into the road, be sure to install a fence in your yard. This is an obvious one. Never leave your dog outside without supervision unless he is in an enclosed area of some sort. Installing a physical barrier is the best solution. But, if you cannot do so, you could use an electronic fence to keep your dog inside the yard.

Keep Your Dog Well-exercised and Engaged: If you think your dog is escaping due to boredom or lack of exercise, it is time to find ways to keep him active and engaged. This can be achieved by a quick shopping trip to bring home interesting toys to keep Fido active. You can also take him for longer walks or teach him new tricks each day to keep him from getting bored, and looking for fun things to do on the roads!

Prevent Your Dog from Digging: Dogs find their way out of fenced-in areas by digging a space big enough to crawl under the gate or wall. If you observe your dog attempting to do this, you can install a chain link fence or even place large rocks along the boundaries of your yard. You may also bury chicken wire under the ground so that they cannot dig their way through it.

Spay or Neuter: If you neuter your male dog, it is less likely that he will try to escape in search of female dogs. Likewise, if you spay your female dog, she will not turn your home into a magnet for dogs in your neighborhood. An added benefit is that neutered and spayed dogs are healthier, and live longer.

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