How to Use Dog Crate Safely?

Your furry friend can get anxious and lonely and make a big mess while you are away at work. If you are looking for a way to keep your pet safe when you step out, a dog crate is the way to go. You can keep your pooch safe, cozy and comfortable by leaving him at boarding kennels in San Rafael or simply crate train him. While many people consider this a cruel method, and do not like to crate their dogs, when done right, crate training can be a magical solution for leaving your beloved dog home-alone. Listed below are a few tips to safely use a crate while training your dog.

Leaving your Dog Home-alone in a Crate

A healthy dog does not eliminate when he is asleep. This is the principle used while crate training a puppy. Leave your pup in the crate when it is time for him to sleep and take him out for a walk as soon as he wakes up from his slumber. As soon as you step out, he is sure to eliminate. This act must be rewarded so that the behaviour sticks.

Time Spent in a Crate

Most first-time pet owners often wonder how long they should leave their puppy in a crate. The time your dog can spend in a crate depends on his age. A pup under 10 weeks can stay up to 60 minutes in a crate while a healthy adult dog can spend as many as 8 hours in a crate safely without getting anxious. If you have to work an 8-hour shift, and cannot give your pup a midday break, you may want to consider a pet sitter to take him for a walk in between so he can stretch his legs and eliminate. You may also rely on boarding kennels in San Rafael to care for your dog if you need to spend an extended time away from home.

Make Your Dog’s Crate a Safe and Happy Haven

It is important that you make your dog’s crate as cozy and inviting as can be. To do so, you can use padding on the floor of the crate. Remove any sharp objects from the crate and use fasteners to make the walls of the crate safe. You can throw in some of your dog’s favorite treats and toys to keep him busy while you are away. You must also leave behind some water for your dog to drink. Since a bowl can tip over, and make the crate messy and uncomfortable, you could use a water dispenser instead.

Equally important is choosing a crate of the right size, and one that is made from solid quality materials. Once your furry friend learns that his crate is a happy and safe place, he will like to spend more and more time in his den. If you are looking for a reliable pet sitter when you are traveling, rely on the services of Bridewell Hilltop Inc., one of the most voted boarding kennels in San Rafael. Call us today at 415-897-5471.

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