How to Desensitize Your Dog to Loud City Noises

Dogs are able to hear a wide range of sounds and are extremely sensitive to loud noises. When a dog is exposed to loud noises, it may try to run away and get lost or injure itself in the process. Some noise phobia in dogs can be caused by thunderstorms, firecrackers, and vehicle horns.

Loud noises are also known to trigger anxiety in dogs. The noise and unpredictability of fireworks and thunder can make your furry friend perceive them as a threat, triggering their fight-or-flight response. A dog can develop an excessive fear or phobia towards a noise linked with an unpleasant event.

If you have recently adopted a dog that was born in a suburb, you need to come up with a plan to desensitize it to loud city noises. Here are some tips to help acclimate your dog to loud city noises from Bridewell Hilltop, premier dog boarding in Marin County.

Start by slowly exposing your furry friend to low noises. Play audio clips of your pooch’s triggers and gradually increase the noise.

Keep doing this until your dog gets used to the noises and starts tolerating them. This may take months. If at any moment during a session, your pooch acts fearful, stop the recording.

If you try to reassure your dog by giving it a treat or cuddling with it when it is scared, you may unknowingly reinforce the fearful behavior. Behave normally to show your pooch it has nothing to fear.

Never scold your dog for being fearful. Allow them to do whatever comes naturally. Every time your dog reacts to a loud noise, notice the trigger, so you know what to expect next time.

Many dog owners force their dogs to go near the loud noise. They believe that doing so can help their furry friend overcome their phobia.

The tactic can backfire and the dog may get more fearful or even become aggressive. Do not force your dog to do anything. Let it retreat to its safe place and hide there to cope with loud noises.

Here are some other ways to desensitize a dog to loud city noises

  • Use Dog Pressure Wraps: Dog pressure wraps or anxiety wraps are designed to calm a stressed dog. A pressure wrap consists of a fabric wrap covering the dog’s torso, underbelly, and chest. Dog pressure wraps work by applying gentle pressure on soft tissue to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Try to Distract Your Pooch: Try to divert your furry friend’s attention by playing fetch with it. Alternatively, give it treats for following commands.
  • Create a Safe Place Where Your Pooch Can Retreat: Create a safe place where your furry friend can retreat during a thunderstorm or any other unfavorable event that triggers anxiety in them. If your dog already has a safe spot (such as under a bed), let them hide under it.

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