Does Your Cat Stress Out Going To The Boarding Facility?

Before going on a business trip or holiday, remember to board your dog or cat at a pet boarding facility. Reputable boarding facilities for dogs and cats employ cat and dog behaviorists. They have dedicated play areas where their guests can play and socialize. They have an in-house maintenance crew that makes sure kennels are clean and orderly and walking spaces are clear of clutter.

Often cats and dogs get attached to their human parents and homes. They can become stressed in a new environment. Some signs your cat or dog is stressed are excessive chewing or licking, loss of appetite, other signs include that the animal urinates in areas other than the litter box and diarrhea.

Follow these tips to prepare your cat or dog for boarding and ensure a great boarding experience.

Choose the Right Facility for Your pet

Before you board your pet, visit the boarding kennel in San Rafael that you are considering with your cat or dog. Find out how frequently the kennels are cleaned. Make sure the facility is well equipped to handle emergencies.

Notice how your pet reacts to smells, sounds, and sights. Does it feel comfortable around the facility staff? Ask if the facility employs a veterinarian to take care of any sick and injured guests. Check if there are fences and double gates to prevent dogs from escaping.

Bring Your Pet’s Favorite toy 

Toys can help ease the stress of adapting to a new environment. Let your pet bring its favorite toys and familiar items such as blankets that give a sense of comfort to the pet facility. Many cats and dogs bring their pet parents’ clothes such as shirts and trousers with their scent on them to pet facilities. They often lay their heads on them or curl up with the items tucked underneath their tummy.

Bring Their Normal Food

Changing your dog’s or cat’s diet abruptly before boarding can make its stress worse. Abrupt changes to your pet’s routine can result in gastrointestinal problems and lead to diarrhea, vomiting, or a decreased appetite. Instruct the pet boarding facility to feed your pet the food it is used to earlier.

List Any Special Needs

If your pet is shy or doesn’t get along with younger or older animals, let the professionals at the pet boarding facility know. They will need this information to provide the care your pet needs and ensure that it has a pleasant stay.

Do not make a big fuss when you drop your pet off at a facility. Both dogs and cats are extremely intuitive and can tell if their human parents are upset and anxious. Avoid any unnecessary drama. Lastly, say goodbye and leave quickly.

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