Swimming Fun And Safety For Dogs

Dogs love to swim. Their bodies are designed for swimming. Some breeds love water so much that it is in their breed name; typical examples include The Irish Water Spaniel and the American Water Spaniel.

Swimming is so much fun. Taking your pooch for a swim in a nearby lake or your personal swimming pool is a great way to help it beat the heat. Swimming is a great exercise for dogs. It strengthens their heart and lung muscles without putting stress on their hips and back joints.

Fun Water Activities to Try With Your Pooch

Here are some fun activities to try with your pooch the next time you go swimming with it.

  • Water fetch: Playing fetch with your dog is a great way to exercise and strengthen your bond with it. Stand in shallow water and throw your furry friend’s favorite floating toy into the water and let it fetch the toy
  • Stay/tug: Have your four-legged friend sit at the edge of the pool or lake. Then call them and have them come to you in water. Be sure to praise it and give it its favorite treat
  • Keep away: Dogs are slower than humans in the water. One fun game to play with your pooch in the water is to keep away. Drag your pooch’s favorite toy with you as you swim and have it chase you
  • Water retrievals: A must-try if your four-legged friend is an excellent swimmer. You will need a weighted toy that sinks to the bottom of the pool. Throw the toy in the water and have your pup retrieve it

Note: Do not try this activity in a deep pool, or your dog may have difficulty swimming.

  • Towing: Have your pooch tow an inanimate object or pull you around while you are in an inner tube

A Few Safety Tips  

  • Never leave your furry friend unsupervised: Dogs use both their paws or their mouths to hold on to an object. It is highly likely that a dog won’t be able to pull itself to escape from a current. It is for this reason that dogs should never be allowed to swim unsupervised
  • Keep off unfamiliar waters: Unfamiliar waters mean unfamiliar dangers such as water snakes and blue-green algae that produce toxins that can cause eye, skin, ear, and throat irritation and gastrointestinal disorders. Keep an eye on your furry friends as they explore places where snakes hide. If you do not know how deep the water is, determine its depth before allowing your pooch to swim
  • Get it to wear a life jacket: Before you take your pooch swimming in a lake, river, or ocean, get it to wear a life jacket. Choose a life jacket with reflective badges and bright colors so your furry friend is visible in the water at all times. Make sure the life jacket has handles for easy retrieval

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