Why Dog Grooming Care is Important for Dogs

In our busy lives, dog grooming can sometime feel like a chore. Pet owners often ignore grooming of their pets. Contrary to common belief, dog grooming services in San Rafael is more than just a quick swipe with a brush. Grooming is an essential part of caring for your fur kids and involves caring for their eyes, skin, nails, teeth, ears, and yes, the coat too.

4 Benefits of Dog Grooming Service in San Rafael

Appearance: The main advantage of grooming is that it makes your dog look nice. Though many may consider this to be superficial, however, it has a psychological effect on the people your dog socializes with. Children and people may get suspicious or afraid at the sight of an untidy dog. On the flip side, a well-groomed dog that looks clean and tidy is able to socialize better.

Household Cleanliness: Grooming also helps in keeping your home clean and tidy. It helps greatly with the home sanitation. The more you brush your dog’s coat, the less hair it will shed on your curtains, rugs, and the couch too. Regular bathing and brushing will also help to reduce dog dander that may cause allergies.

Improves Bonding:  Dog grooming is a great way to develop a strong bond with your dog. We often take our four-legged companion for granted. Grooming gives a chance to spend some quality time with your pets. Play, roll, and have some fun with your dog, while brushing his coat, clipping his nails or bathing him you will realize it is not a chore at all!

Curbs Medical Problems: Certain grooming actions for your dog’s ears, teeth and eyes can help to keep diseases and illnesses at bay. Most dog and cat breeds are susceptible to various illnesses that are easier to treat, if caught early. Just paying attention to your pet’s body during grooming sessions will alert you about any infections and allergies that can be treated on time. Regular inspection will also help you find hidden mats that may be causing pain to your dog. Brushing his teeth regularly will help to discover sores or bleeding gums that are an underlying sign of a health problem. It is therefore important to be consistent with grooming as this throws light on the potential issues that require immediate attention.

The amount of care and grooming needs vary from one breed to another. But, all dogs need a good grooming regimen. If you cannot make out time to groom your dog at home, simply contact Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery at 415-897-5471 for the best dog grooming services in San Rafael.

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