Does Your Dog Stress Out Going To The Boarding Facility?

Dogs are social animals. They do not like being left alone. Why leave your dog alone all by itself when you go out of town when you can leave it at a pet boarding facility in the care of trained animal behaviorists? Pet boarding facilities go to great lengths to create a homely environment.

However, some dogs may stress out at boarding. If you continue sending your canine companion to boarding even after you notice changes in its behavior, the animal may develop anxiety problems and other behavior disorders.

Common Signs of Stress after Dog Boarding

How can you tell if a prior boarding experience was a negative one for your dog? Think about the last time you boarded your dog. If you noticed behavioral changes in them after returning home, you should reconsider scheduling boarding with the facility again. Here are some signs that your dog is stressed:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Decreased appetite
  • Urinating or defecating in unusual places

Choosing a Boarding Facility for Your Dog

When a dog stresses out during boarding, it is usually due to a bad prior experience. Before you leave your dog at a boarding facility, do your research. Make sure the facility employs animal behaviorists.

Small dogs should be boarded separately from larger dogs. Enquire whether your dog will have a separate room and if they will have ample time for socialization.

How to Make Boarding Easier for Your Dog

When you drop your dog at a boarding facility, it will find itself in unfamiliar surroundings. The animal will be exposed to new people, sights, and sounds. Meeting strangers compounded by a new environment can be overwhelming and stressful.

To help your dog remain calm and avoid stress, let it carry a comfort object, something it is emotionally attached to (can be a piece of clothing, or a toy). Remember to give important instructions regarding medication and diet to the staff.

Consider a Trial Run

If you are going out of town, try a test run. After finding a facility, sign up your dog for a one-day stay or tour the facility with your friend for a few hours. Notice how your dog responds to the new environment.

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