How to Keep Your Dog Cool When It’s Hot Outside

Summer can be a testing time not just for us humans, but dogs as well. Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat as well. While humans can also suffer heatstroke in summer, the risk is much greater for dogs. They are also at higher risk for dehydration, footpad burns, and sunburns.

Here are some tips to keep your dog cool when the mercury starts rising from Bridewell Hilltop, premier pet boarding in San Rafael.

Avoid Taking Them Out at the Hottest Times of the Day

Avoid walking your furry friend during early and mid-afternoon. If your four-legged friend gets restless, engage it in a game of dog memory or dog dominos. The best time to walk a dog is early morning and late evening when the sun is not as unrelenting.

This could mean waking up earlier and changing other habits, but it will be less inconvenient than taking a trip to the ER to have your furry friend treated for heatstroke.

Create Instant Shades for Your Pooch

Trees do a great job of providing shade; however, not every yard has trees. If using trees to create shades is out of the question, consider using a patio umbrella or a pop-up canopy to provide reliable shade.

If your furry friend overheats fast, consider using a product that combines the shade of a pop-up canopy with the cooling effect of a misting system. Alternatively, use a shaded pet bed designed to help with air circulation and cooling.

Provide Plenty of Clean and Fresh Drinking Water

Place several large buckets of drinking water in areas with reliable shade. Make sure your dog has easy access to these areas. Check and refill these buckets every day. Consider using a lick activated spigot attachment or a paw activated water geyser.

Think of creative ways to keep your dog hydrated. Make an interactive and icy treat for your pooch. Put its favorite toy in a metal dog bowl, fill it with water. Add a little bit of low sodium chicken broth. Freeze it and serve.

Do Not Shave Its Coat

Your dog’s coat keeps it warm in winter and helps it reduce body temperature naturally in the heat. Instead of shaving your furry friend’s coat, brush it regularly. Remove any undercoat that your dog still has from the winter months.

Add Water to Play

Build a dog pool for your pooch. If you have a senior dog or a puppy, do not fill up the pool too high. Set up an oscillating yard sprinkler or a misting system on your patio. Let your furry friend run through and play in it.

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