How to Board a Dog with Separation Anxiety?

Boarding your furry friend is a great way to ensure it is being looked after when you’re not around. Boarding a dog that is too attached to its owner can prove more difficult than you think. Dogs that experience separation anxiety may think that their human parents won’t return for them and begin to panic after being dropped off at a dog boarding facility in San Rafael.

Separation anxiety manifests in several ways, such as excessive barking and/or howling, and destructive behavior – such as tearing up furniture and other belongings. Many dogs with separation anxiety defecate or urinate in different parts of the house despite being potty-trained, others may fall ill or shake violently.

As the lead dog boarding facility in San Rafael, our team at Bridwell Hilltop Kennels is dedicated to ensuring your pet has a welcome stay with us at their home away from home. Follow these tips to help your pet with separation anxiety have a better stay at a boarding facility.

Work on Coping Mechanisms

Start leaving your furry friend in a crate alone for short periods of time. If your pooch is reluctant to enter the crate at first, lure them inside by placing their favorite treats inside the crate. To create a relaxing and calming environment, leave your furry friend’s favorite toy or an item with your scent on it in the crate. Once your pooch gets familiar with the crate’s environment, gradually increase the time you leave them alone.

Create a Routine

Create a routine to follow every time you leave your pooch alone. This routine may involve commanding your dog to sit and stay and telling them you will be back. Over time, your pooch will realize that you will come back for them every time you give the command.

Socialize Them

Dogs are social animals. They are less likely to feel lonely when they have friends to hang out with. Ensure your furry friend has no difficulty making friends at the dog daycare center, socialize with them. Walk your pooch at least once a day. Expose them to a wide variety of people and animals. Take your dog-to-dog training classes. Make frequent trips to the pet shop or dog park in your locality where your pooch can interact with other dogs and their human parents.

Pack Their Bag Wisely

A dog with separation anxiety often calms down when surrounded by items that remind them of their family or home. Make sure your furry friend’s bag has their favorite toys, snacks and drinking bowl, and items with your scent on them.

Share Your Concerns with the Dog Boarding Facility

Talk to the dog boarding facility you are considering about your dog’s separation anxiety disorder. Ask them about the steps they take to calm down their anxious guests and if they employ animal behaviorists who are trained to help dogs with separation anxiety.

At Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery, we treat our guests like our family. Our staff gives every guest personalized attention, in order to make sure they feel comfortable and happy while in our care. To talk to one of our animal behaviorists, call (415)897-5471.

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