Top 3 Things to do Before Boarding your Dog for the First Time

Do you, like many dog parents, feel guilty about leaving your furry friend home alone? The next time you leave, drop your pet off at a dog boarding facility before you go!

Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery is the leading dog boarding in San Rafael. Dog boarding facilities provide ample physical and mental stimulation for their guests. Dog boarding staff give their guests personalized attention and make them feel at home.

If you have never boarded your dog before, dog boarding will be an entirely new experience for it. Take these steps to ensure it is an enjoyable one.

Do your Research

Before you select a dog boarding facility, please do your homework to ensure it is equipped to meet your puppy’s needs. If, for example, your furry friend has too much energy, make sure the dog boarding facility you are considering has a large, dedicated recreation area where it can roam freely with other dogs.

Research the pet boarding facility’s reputation. Talk to friends and family members who have used the service before. Ask them about their experience. Visit the facility’s social media pages and independent third-party review websites to check what people are talking about the business. Check the service with the BBB.

Visit the Facility

After you have finalized a dog boarding facility, visit it with your pup. During your visit, check if the kennels are well-ventilated and clean. Watch out for odors. Tour every area of the dog boarding facility to see if it receives ample natural light. See how your pup reacts to the people around it.

During your visit to a dog boarding facility, interview the facility manager. Here are some questions to ask the manager of a dog boarding facility:

➢    What necessary measures do you take to ensure the safety of your guests?

➢    Does the facility have a vet? Is there a dog behaviorist? What is their qualification?

➢    How do you handle pet emergencies?

➢    Are pet parents allowed to bring their furry friends’ favorite toys, blankets, and snacks?

➢    What kind of certification or training does the staff have?

Make Sure Your Pooch Got Its Vaccines

Reputable dog boarding facilities require all their guests to be current on the following vaccines:

➢    DAPP/DHPP/DA2PP vaccine

➢    Bordetella/canine cough vaccine

➢    Rabies vaccine

➢    Canine influenza virus vaccine

Ask the dog boarding facility if you are considering providing a complete list of the vaccines they require before boarding your dog.

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