Pet Boarding Tips for the Holiday Season

During the holidays, most people make plans to visit their family and friends, and many cannot take their pets with them. This can make you feel guilty, but if you know how to look for a good and caring boarding facility for your dog, it will make you and your pet feel much better.

When you are performing an online search for dog boarding kennels near me, here are a few things that you should check to ensure your pooch has a safe and caring facility this holiday season.

Visit the Dog Boarding Kennel

Shortlist a few dog boarding kennels near you and make sure you visit each one to get a feel of the kennel and the staff. Ask questions to find out how the dogs are cared for and how clean the premises are. If you get a rushed tour, the kennel may not be the right one for you. It is a sign that the staff do not have sufficient time, and hence, will not be able to devote enough time to care for your dog.

Find Out the Daily Routine the Boarding Has for the Dogs

No dog boarding facility should keep dogs caged the whole day. Instead, they should let the dog run around and play to burn excessive energy. In addition, there should be staff nearby during the night to ensure they can handle emergencies. Also, find out when the dogs are fed and whether the drinking water is replenished on a daily basis.

Check the Amenities at the Boarding

Remember, your dog will be stressed and may suffer from separation anxiety. They will be leaving their familiar surroundings and they may find it difficult to cope with this situation. When dogs are loved and cared for, they cope much better. So, the staff should be loving and compassionate and should ensure dogs have ample opportunities to play, exercise, and socialize.

How Experienced the Staff is to Deal with Dogs

Every dog has its own personality and trained staff are often equipped to handle behavioral issues, and to ensure the best dog care. So, make sure that the boarding kennel you select has trained staff who are passionate about their work and have the right training to take care of dogs left in their charge.

Does the Boarding Have an In-House Veterinarian?

Emergencies can happen any time and a kennel should be equipped to handle them. Having an in-house veterinarian or collaboration with the local animal hospital is a green light that you should opt for such facilities. Also, the staff should have the training to handle basic medical emergencies.

These are the few things you should look for when you are trying to shortlist dog boarding kennels near you this holiday season. Your choice should be a safe, clean, and well-managed boarding kennel where your dog will be happiest, and you will have peace of mind. If you are looking for a reliable boarding kennels, look no further than Bridewell Hilltop – the best kennel in Marin County. Call us today at 415-897-5471.

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