Tips on Boarding Your Pets Safely This Holiday Season

For many families, Christmas and Thanksgiving time means traveling. Whether they’re jetting off to a sunny and serene paradise for a vacation or traveling out for a family party, most families are on the move during the holidays. No matter if you’re travelling for a couple of days or a full week, leaving your beloved pet alone at home, with no one to take care of it, can possibly cause serious problems for the safety of your pet.

Therefore, as a conscientious pet owner, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps, and choose from among the most secure and reliable dog boarding kennels near me to board your pet while you’re away. Pet boarding will not only ensure the proper safety and care of your much-loved pet but also keep your mind relaxed during the holidays.

5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Pet Boarding Near You

No matter what your reason is for leaving your dearest pet behind, you will always want them to be safe, sound, and comfortable. While looking for a holiday home for your pet, there are a few considerations that you must always keep in mind. Further listed are some essential tips that you can follow in order to pick the best lodging facility for your pet.

  1. Take a Tour of the Pet Care Facility – Visiting different pet holiday homes, and asking the staff relevant questions regarding your pet care and boarding concerns will give you the right idea about the pet care standards of different pet boarding homes. Eventually, you will come to a conclusion on whether or not the boarding facility is right for your pet.
  2. Always Trust Your Instincts – Your first impression of a dog boarding kennel could be the best indicator. Does the pet boarding facility look clean and comfortable? Is the company happy or hesitant to give you a tour? Are the staff members friendly and supportive? Finding answers to all these questions will ultimately help you to decide whether or not the pet boarding kennel is right for your beloved pet.
  3. Check Their Layout – There are few things that the best pet care facilities offer, such as an open play area, a separate sleeping area for each pet, etc. As a matter of fact, the best pet lodges offer great options to easily fit your pet’s personality. So, always check out the layout of these pet care homes while opting for the best one for your pet.
  4. Look for Amenities – It could possibly get difficult for your pet dog or cat to cope with boarding. So, you must look out for pet boarding lodges that offer suitable amenities to help relieve your pet’s stress due to the changed environment.
  5. Pay Attention to Their Questions – It is a well-known fact that all responsible pet boarding facilities will ask you certain important questions regarding your pet’s vaccinations, health history, medications, and comfort level with other animals. So, make sure that you pay proper attention to such questions, and share all useful information with the staff regarding your pet.

Following all these tips will help you to pick the best boarding facility for your pet, and will not only ensure your pet’s safety, but will also keep you confident that they are being attended and treated well while you’re away.

If you want to enjoy your time away from home while providing a safe and happy boarding experience to your pet, you can opt for Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels. After all, it’s time to stop thinking about “dog boarding kennels near me” and enjoy your vacation. For more questions regarding your pet’s safety during this holiday season, you can contact the pet care experts from Bridewell Hilltop at 415-897-5471.

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