Your Pet Needs Grooming In Novato, But May Also Need These Supplements

Novato pet grooming professionals at Bridewell Hilltop Kennels and Cattery understand that your pet’s health depends on the type foods it eats. With a proper diet, their coat will be thick, shiny, and full of volume. A healthy diet that includes the right supplements will make for a healthier, happier pet.


Probiotics support the natural balance of enzymes and bacteria in the gut. This allows the digestive tract to function more efficiently so your pet gets the most out of every meal they consume. When your dog is under stress or suffering from an illness that requires antibiotics, their natural balance is upset. Providing probiotics helps to re-establish that balance and ensures they get the nutrients they need.


Both dogs and cats can suffer from the same types of infections humans do. L-Lysine is one of several essential amino acids the body needs to produce hormones, enzymes and specific antibodies that protect the body from illness. Lysine is also necessary for collagen production and will help the body absorb calcium more efficiently. Dogs and cats utilize L-Lysine very easily and it is extremely beneficial for cats that have been diagnosed with the feline herpes virus.


Glucosamine is a supplement used to support the joints and overall skeletal structure and connective tissues. It eases the pain and discomfort of arthritis and degenerative joint disease, and can also help reduce swelling and inflammation. When it comes to your pet, glucosamine is often given to pets as a preventative measure before actual symptoms start to appear. Once the signs and symptoms have already appeared, glucosamine only offers a modest amount of relief.

Fish Oils

Fish oils are derived from tuna, mackerel, salmon, bluefish, sardines, and trout are just a few of the fish that contain abundant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. These beneficial oils help to keep the joints healthy, the cardiovascular system functioning efficiently, and your pet’s coat shiny and beautiful. Fish oils can also help with digestion as well.

Pet grooming in Novato

When you want answers from a Novato pet grooming professional, call the staff at Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery. They can answer your questions and give you tips on different ways to make sure your pet gets all the nutrients they need on a daily basis. Call and schedule a grooming session today!

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